Animation tests of Pepper running and walking

LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge is the sequel to LEGO Island featuring Pepper Roni in an island hoping adventure, travelling across the LEGO universe to find the lost pages of the Constructopedia, after accidentally freeing the Brickster once again. The PC, Game Boy Color, and Playstation versions were released on March 30th, 2001, with a Game Boy Advance version later releasing October 2nd of that year.

In LEGO Island 2 there was an entire world with mini games based around the Rock Raiders play set which was set under the main island.  Development didn't get much further than the design stage though, as we realised there would not be time to complete it.
Rich Hancock, Lead Designer at Silicon Dreams Studio
The Loader Dozer recreated as a model for LEGO Island 2's scrapped Rock Raiders section.