LEGO® Adventurers is an unreleased video game that would've focused around the Adventurers Egypt subtheme, in a setting known as Desert Alla Mode home to the Lost City of OGEL. The player would've joined Pepper Roni, the Infomaniac, Professor Fitz Bricksworthy, and other explorers in exploration, suspense, adventure, and finding lost fathers that vanished in times of old.

Mindscape had a long term contract with LEGO in the beginning and I was designing a bunch of other games that we were excited about but politics and business ended their relationship. We had an underwater one, an archeological one in the desert and a pirate one and I was looking forward to doing a cowboy one. Anyway- I was asked over to the new place in London after Mindscape chose their course of action and did some product brain storming and consulting on stuff but had to stop because I had to get surgery and then the company dissolved.
Wes Jenkins, Creative Director