LEGO® Island 2


Richard Wells & Dave Punshon

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This is the original soundtrack of LEGO Island 2. The game used the ‘DirectMusic’ engine, which allowed - to some degree - to have music be interactive, be small in size and have different effects applied. The soundtrack here is from before the conversion took place: meaning they are better quality and have some minor differences to the versions in-game.

  • LEGO Island 2
  • Laura Brick (Police Station)
  • Menu Music
  • The Brickster
  • The Infomaniac
  • I Summon You Forth
  • Cedric the Bull
  • Castle Island
  • Brick Diving
  • Adventurers Island
  • Hotep's Tomb
  • Matching Mummies
  • Adventurer's Race (Snake Pursuit)
  • Jungle Flying
  • Whack a Snake
  • Oasis (Fishing)
  • Adventurers Flying
  • Mr Hates
  • The Brickster Bots
  • Asteroids
  • Ogel Island
  • Intro Cutscene (Bot Dance)