LEGO® Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

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Team 3’s development room was located next to the development from for the PC version of LEGO® Island 2 and was where the GBA version of LEGO® Island 2 was developed, along with early development for LEGO® Island 3 (Island Xtreme Stunts).

    The two different layouts provided present the same general idea of the room's layout. The second one also lists the locations of some folks during the development of Team 3's previous title, Dogs of War.

    Programmers were located in the right of the room by the stairwell, with artists located in the back of the room and designers/producers desked mostly to the front left.

      Malcolm Grant's desk can be seen in the center of the room, featuring a glimpse at LegoDev2D on its monitor, with LEGO builds on top of it.

        Sam Swain's desk was in front of the stairwell downstairs. Shown in the pictures of it are Game Boy Advance development kits, work-in-progress code for the game, and a copy of 8458: Silver Champion.

          At the start of the development of LEGO Island 2's Game Boy Advance version, LEGO gave Team 3 early devkits for the Game Boy Advance, which were very fragile to use. Then, one night, Sam Swain took the development kits home and made cases for them. In thanks, LEGO Media gave him a copy of 8458: Silver Champion.