Artifacts: Art

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Early Cover Art

An early version of the game’s cover.

Ogel Renders

Early renders for Ogel with blue crystals.

Brickster's Palace Renders

Renders for the Brickster’s Palace including for scrapped sections featuring Mr. Hates and Cedric the Bull.

Bi-Plane Minigame Renders

Renders and editor views for the Bi-plane minigame.

Rock Raiders Renders

Renders for the scrapped Rock Raiders content including vehicles, locations, and enviroments.

Volcano run

Art for the vehicles and environment from the scrapped Volcano Run minigame.

Vehicle Renders and Model Images

Images of the models to and renders of various vehicles designed for the game.

Character Renders, Videos, and Model Images

Renders, Videos, and Model Images of characters and creatures for the game.