The development of a video game centered around the Galidor theme began in 1999 when LEGO Media's Concept Development Group explored various ideas under the name of "Genesis." Following this, work on the game started at Asylum Entertainment and Tiertex Design Studios. The Game Boy Advance version was released in late 2002, while the PC, Playstation 2, and Gamecube versions of the game were briefly canceled before being completed in 2003.

It was basically the start of my career, and I had shipped a couple of titles on PS1 with Asylum entertainment as a 3D artist, and we got the contract for Galidor off the back of being involved with a couple of other Lego games previously. I think Galidor was really being sold to as as the next big Lego thing and we were all pretty excited as we were a pretty young and inexperienced team.
Mark Slater, Artist