Artifacts: Document

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Genesis: Countdown (October 8th, 1999)

A document detailing a concept for an early version of the game with art.

Powerizer Campaign

The script to an advertisement relating to both the Kek Powerizer and the Game.

Genesis: Beserker

A document detailing art and the concept for an early version of the game that was sort of a “reverse platformer.”

Kek Powerizer: Voice Over List

Voice over information for the Kek Powerizer.

ACS Embedding Recommendations

A document detailing how mask Kek Powerizer audio commands used for reference during the development of the game.

ACS Presentation

A document detailing the wave format for the ACS Protocol Specification.

ACS Protocol Specification

A document detailing the ACS Protocol used to command the Kek Powerizer.

Gameboy Sequence

A document detailing how the Kek Powerizer would work with PC, Playstation 2, and Game Boy Advance.