Artifacts: Art

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Early Cover Mockup

An early cover mockup for the game.

Kek Guard Model Image With Concept Art

An image of the model and part of the concept art for the Kek Guard.

Arbo Enviroment Art

Environmental art for Arbo.

Paper Advertisement

An advertisement for Galidor with several early screenshots.

Concept Art (Promotional)

Concept art for Galidor shared to various news sites.

Concept Art (Leigh Christian)

Various pieces of concept art for the game by Leigh Christian including for Euripides, an Allegra Bot, Ice Whale, Ice NPC, and more.

Taskmaster Model and Euripides Concept Art

Art for the Taskmaster Model and concept art for Euripides.

Main Character Concept Art

Concept art for Allegra, Euripides, Gorm, Jens, Nepol, and Nick Bluetooth.