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Leap into the outer dimension with Matthew Ewald, the actor of Nicholas Bluetooth from GALIDOR!

How did you get involved with the LEGO Galidor TV project?

I was actually having lunch (tuna melts) with my father at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, California when my agent had called me. The call itself was short, but my agent wanted me to know that he had sent over an e-mail for an audition that he thought that I — knowing my great passion and love of science fiction — would be excited about. It was simply routine for him, but for me…for me, it was that rare and special moment where everything forever changed.
I remember checking my e-mail from one of the stools that my Dad and I sat at, reading the breakdown, the synopsis, and character descriptions and just knowing…just knowing with every single molecule of my being that it was mine, that the role of Nicholas Bluetooth was meant to be mine. And forgive me…I truly apologize because I know, trust me I know how that sounds. I don’t mean it in arrogance, I truly don’t…it was just this feeling. This very honest, profoundly personal feeling which felt like it was meant to be, that (as dramatic as it sounds) I was born to bring this character and story to life. That all of my dreams so long ago dreamed, that all of my childhood adventures, my love of comic books, from cinema to video games, from my imagination to the very ‘star light, star bright’ I wished upon — that it had all led me to the opportunity to audition for this role.

(And as a side-note: to this very day, I have never experienced that certainty of a role since.)
I remember devouring every piece of dialogue, even the dialogue that wasn’t mine. I lost myself in the descriptive wordplay, in the narrative, I could even tell you the casting office’s address by heart! And this was all before the initial audition. I was just honestly head over heels in love with everything I was reading.

I was the quintessential definition of a fan before the series was ever even out of pre-production. And I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to fight for the role. To have a chance, just that one chance to make it my own.
For as long as I can remember, I have always said that for me, outside of my family acting is my oxygen. The art, the passion, and devotion to the very method and craft of performance meant more than words could ever fully convey…but being in that audition was a chance to chase the stars. To have the opportunity to be a part of something I had dreamed about since I was a child. It was MY personal “Star Wars,” MY personal “Star Trek” and countless other science fiction and genre creative visions that formed so much of my childhood (and well into my adult life). From “TRON” to “The Last Starfighter” you name it. “Galidor” felt like all of that to me.

And a few days later, it was time to audition.

And I certainly auditioned all right!

First audition. Then I waited. Call back for a second audition. Another wait. Third call back. A longer wait. A fourth and a fifth call back. Waiting longer in-between…then came another audition and another excruciatingly long wait…

You see, from what I was told, they were casting from Los Angeles to New York, from Canada to Europe and Australia. Thousands of souls auditioning, incredibly talented actors fighting tooth and nail for something I’m certain so many had dreamed about just like I had…and then finally, a seventh audition. Only this time, it was me in a room with two other actors auditioning for Nick and about 16 young women auditioning for Allegra. The two actors each read, then left, and then…it was my turn. It was a big room, with an even bigger board room table filled with people from LEGO, FOX, Cinegroupe, and The Tom Lynch Company. They were all exceptionally kind and warm, treated me (no pun intended) like a prince. They were generous with their time and words, they understood that it must have been intensely nerve wracking for any young soul in a situation like that…but it was exciting. At least, it was made to be.

There was no pressure, we were told to just have fun, and bring it to life. Once I finished my initial audition, I was asked if I would be willing to stick around and read with the other actresses waiting in the lobby. A few hours later, I was on my way home wishing on any star that I could make out through the Los Angeles smog that I did well enough to book it.
And then, we waited…I couldn’t tell you how long that wait was, but it felt like an eternity. It was that slow, dreadful, tick-tick-ticking of days bleeding into weeks…

That is until my agent called and asked if I had an ugly-looking passport photograph.
I was flown to Montreal, Canada for one last, one final audition — which was a chemistry test between myself and an astoundingly talented actress and genuinely beautiful soul named Marie-Marguerite who was auditioning for the role of Allegra.
That final audition came on the morning of September 11th, 2001.
And, to be honest, it remains a blur for a multitude of reasons…but I remember sitting in the waiting room, and then, eventually, Marie and I were called into another board room to audition the “Oh man, where are we going? No-no, don’t tell me…” scene. Or, as I like to call it: “The Roswell Scene.” During the audition a gentleman came into the room, mentioning that a plane had flown into one of the World Trade Center towers…

What followed was a lot of commotion, a lot of intensity and confusion, a lot of worry…but I’ll never forget how Marie offered with such sincerity, compassion, and genuine kindness that she and her parents would do anything they possibly could to help if I needed anything while I was in Montreal. It was a kindness and sincerity, it was such a profoundly special gift of the heart that I will forever cherish for as long as I remain. It solidified a bond and friendship that I hope was felt upon the screen as we had those very grand, Outer Dimensional adventures.

Eventually, via car, train, and plane — traveling with the creator Tommy Lynch and show-runner Tom Chehak (that’s a whole other adventure!) — I returned home to California.
And waited a little bit longer.
Until, eventually, I had some life-changing, dream-achieving adventures in the Outer Dimension.
Matthew Ewald

Did you do any research to get into character as Nick? Any of the science or science-fiction elements?

Well, I would never want to give you a cop-out answer, but I honestly feel like I had been researching and training my whole life to bring Nicholas Bluetooth into existence.
I love these genres with all that I am. I always have. Science Fiction and Horror, Fantasy and Adventure…no matter if “Galidor” was 20 years ago (oh God…) or not — I hold dear to the same truth to this very day. I am a fan. I always have been. And I always will be.
I spent most of my childhood either in the movie theater — lost in the awe and wonderment of cinema magic — or in the video store wandering the rows, aisles, and stacks, grabbing as many VHS rentals as I could possibly watch before their return date. I was known by name at each one, as well as at the comic-book store and our town library. Stories and tales told meant and mean something. Imagination and escapism are gifts.

I like to describe it as such: it’s the feeling that, for instance, a movie’s ticket stub gave me as a child, as if the cinema had given just a little bit of that theater magic back. And it lived within that torn ticket. A reminder of the adventures had, and of all those still to come. Or how, with a turn of a novel’s dog-eared page, we are transported into an extraordinary place beyond our wildest imagination. How music is a gatekeeper or time machine to our memories and emotions, how art can speak to us across medium and time. It’s all to be cherished…and it can all be used to form everything that we, in turn, bring to life.

I feel like my research for Nick was to always honor and never forget that wide-eyed imagination of childhood. My imagination never really grew up and disappeared as it had for so many others my age. My hope was to always convey that Nick was one of those rare dreamers of the day, longing for adventure, longing for something more, and believing that anything was possible. Nick was…well, he was me. Believing that anything was possible. And so I took it very seriously, I recognized what it meant to bring to life a character that kids — much like I once was — could possibly love and enjoy, could look up to. It was trying and doing my very best to be a small part of a supremely astounding cast and crew of talented visionaries who wanted to, in turn, bring to life something special.
Matthew Ewald

Do you have a favorite episode, or a few of them?

Oh absolutely!
And I’m assuming I can’t say ALL of them correct?
Yeah, okay…didn’t think so.

But seriously, all of them.
See, this is tricky because there are honestly moments from each episode that brought something new, that meant something special or different…but I’ll absolutely single out a few episodes.

Obviously, Episode 1 – “Identity” will always hold a very special place in my heart. For what it meant, for what it symbolized, for being the beginning of the entire adventure.
The following episodes introduced the Troika, my Outer Dimensional family: Jens, Euripides, and Nepol…so they, in turn, are incredibly special.

I loved Episode 6 – “Belonging,” as well as Episode 12 – “Relativity.” I Loved “Pieces of Nick,” “Mr. Tager Goes to Earth” and “Area 51.” Those episodes always stick out to me.
I will say this though, there’s one episode mentioned above — Season 2, Episode 6 “Mr. Tager Goes to Earth” — that is both one of my favorites and the one that just breaks my heart the most…

That, believe it or not, was the very last episode we had filmed…more specifically, the scene where we are all getting ready to board the Greyhound bus and Allegra decides to stay…so, we say goodbye.
That was the very last scene we filmed of “Galidor.”
Where we say goodbye.

And I had no idea that the adventure was over while filming it. For us, it was “a wrap on Season 2 of ‘Galidor!’ See you all after the break for Season 3!”

I flew back home to California for our hiatus and found out it was over shortly after. In a way, looking back, it was a beautifully poetic scene to end with.
Matthew Ewald

Do you have any noteworthy/interesting memories from your time on the project?

Hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours worth.
So much so, that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.
So I think I’ll leave this question with something that I shared on the 20th Anniversary of “Galidor.”

I wrote: How do I fit 20 years of adventure, love, friendship, happiness & memories into 280 characters? How could I convey the most profound journey ever experienced? I don’t know…but I do know that I miss it with all my existence.
Matthew Ewald

There’s a LEGO Galidor PC/GBA game that sprung out of the show/toyline – were you involved with the title?

I had the profound privilege and honor of being a part of the “Galidor” video game, yes, and it was — hands down — one of the most thrilling and fulfilling experiences I’ve had! Not only as an actor but as a gamer.
I remember receiving the phone call asking if I would be interested in being a part of it, and I don’t think I even let the question finish before my excitement answered for me. How could I possibly turn down the opportunity to bring my role to life in video game form! Just to be a small part of something like that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it meant worlds to me that they even reached out. So yes, I was in, 100%. I would have flown myself there if I had to!

But they generously flew me out to London (I was able to bring my Mom with, as well, which was a remarkably exciting time to share with her) and we got right to work recording my voice for the dialogue scenes, as well as action sounds such as climbing, strikes, falls and taking damage. It was wild. All tremendously fun. And everyone involved was exceptionally kind, we laughed a lot, had a wonderful time and I wholeheartedly loved every minute.
I mean, let’s be honest here, you’re talking about being offered the chance of working with a group of supremely talented game developers who were building a world that you love from scratch. I was lucky enough to meet these astounding people and learn a little about their process.

It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

During my time there I was shown concept art, some of the in-game builds, had some wonderful discussions with a few of the artists and developers about their passion for science fiction & fantasy, we talked film and video games. It was an adventure for sure.
If I remember correctly, I went from London (after we had finished recording and handled some press-related events — television interviews, photoshoots, things of that nature) to Cologne, Germany to meet some equally lovely people at EA (Electronic Arts). It was more of a meet and greet, check out the sights, discuss “Galidor” type of thing. It wasn’t fully game-focused, but it was all during the same trip out.

Like I said, I wholeheartedly loved every single moment.
Matthew Ewald

    Have you kept up with any of the production crew/actors from the LEGO Galidor TV project?

    Unfortunately, the “Galidor” family has had some loss, especially after 20 years. Which is a devastating thing to come to terms with. It feels like an unwanted dream when you learn of someone’s passing, especially from a time that meant, well…a time that meant everything to you.

    And in this profession cast and crew tend to move on from one production to the next. It’s all part of the job that we are fortunate enough to earn a living at…So, after life and loss, after production ends and another begins, a lot of amazing and wonderful souls kind of move on. You have too. Which again, is perfectly natural…but I will say this: I personally believe that we share a very special bond. I believe that the cast and crew of “Galidor” share a bond — or maybe I should say, I like to believe — that we all share a bond, even to this day, that transcends career, time, review, or constant interaction…

    For our time on “Galidor,” we were a family. And that isn’t just something to say, that isn’t a typical actor response to a question about working on set or so on…this is my great truth when it comes to this, hand to heart.

    All of us, those in front and those behind the camera, became a family. There were friendships forged, weddings, births and birthdays, celebrations, losses, and heartache. We experienced it all together. Dinners, weekend excursions on a rare day off. Families came to set, we sang and we laughed, we uplifted and supported, we appreciated, we learned and grew, and we all cared for one another. And I miss them all. And I will remember them all, each and every single one of them. For me, I cherish them with all of my heart.
    Matthew Ewald

    Do you still have materials from the show’s production?

    Oh man…the simple answer is yes. A resounding yes. I have an entire storage unit filled with my time on “Galidor.”

    From every script ever written, every draft, every revision, every side from every single day I arrived on set. I have boxes of merchandising, from Cap’N’Crunch to McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys. From bags, boxes, wrappers, and promotions. I have bits and pieces of the sets, I have portions of each Realm — from Arbo to Kek. I have the original dailies that were sent my way, pre-VFX. I have every episode sent that was finalized on VHS and ready for Network.

    I have prototype action figures and concept artwork, I have a few volumes of series bibles detailing the Quest that was “Galidor.” I have every, single press article written about the production between 2001 and 2003. I have folders upon folders of beautifully touching fan art and letters written, I have saved each and every single piece. I have my Map, a Key Fragment, and giant cut-out standees of Nick and Gorm that were on display at the NYC Toy Fair. From promotional material to a never-released Making-Of…yeah, yeah I have some stuff. What can I say, I’m a “Galidor” fan.

    Most of all — and I’m getting old and mushy, so this next part is equally mushy, but truly meant — but most of all I have these wonderful memories that I will cherish for the remainder of my days. And long, long after.
    Matthew Ewald

      Lastly, I heard that the LEGO Galidor TV show was supposed to continue beyond its two season run, do you recall anything about this?

      So, from what I remember during those countless discussions of excitement and grandeur, was that there was originally a five-season story arc planned, along with the possibility of two features.

      I remember that when Tommy (“Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension” creator Tom Lynch) came up to Montreal, we would often sit and talk for hours throughout his visit, about this grand vision of adventure and excitement, of this epic science fiction journey that would be a love letter to genre and creators new and old…focusing on this Quest to Free Galidor and save the Outer Dimension.

      It’s funny…not funny ha-ha, but funny interesting (to me, at least), but I have been beyond fortunate within my career, I have earned my living within this profession that I call my oxygen for over 22 years now, I have been a part of over 100 productions, and have worked with such impossibly talented souls…but sitting down with Tommy all those years ago, discussing a project like “Galidor,” discussing the dream of it, hearing his excitement, his passion and belief in it…that was a rare gift.

      People’s opinions of “Galidor” matter. All of the good. All of the bad. And regardless of which side people tend to feel more, it’s okay. That’s the beauty of art, regardless of its incarnation. We must respect the opinion. When you bring a creative vision to life, you have to be willing to accept that it may not be enjoyed…but just as I say that, people who tend to be hateful toward a creative vision need to, in turn, understand that they will never fully know the amount of love, passion, time, talent, dedication and devotion that went into bringing it to life.

      “Galidor” is LEGO. Loved or hated, forgotten or remembered…”Galidor” means something. And that’s an amazing gift to all those wonderful souls who helped bring it to life, regardless of what form it took. It’s a wonderful gift to those who still keep it alive.
      And isn’t that what Lego is all about?

      Just because something gets torn down, with Lego, you can always build it back up. And what a gift that is.
      Even if we were meant to be on that Quest for a while longer, what a dream it was that we were able to be on it at all.
      Matthew Ewald

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