LEGO® Racers began development in 1995 at High Voltage Software when the studio had the idea to make a demolition derby style racing game. While that version of the idea didn't stick, after going through ideas such as using Time Cruisers, it eventually evolved into its final interation. The PC version of the game released in July of that year, with Nintendo 64, Playstation, and Game Boy Color versions following later on.

I built all the car designs in the game with actual LEGO before they were translated into theones you finally see in the game. Minor tweaks were made to accommodate the in-gamebuilding system, but they otherwise stayed true to their original concepts. Only Rocket Racer’s car went through LEGO for rounds of revisions and refinements, since that car was essentially part of the mascot for the face of the game, and was even considered for production of a physical boxed LEGO set.
Pete McLennon, Artist/Designer