Drome Racers was released in 2002 on the PS2 and PC, with Nintendo Gamecube and GBA ports subsequently released in 2003. Developed by Attention to detail, the game's development underwent numerous changes with Minifigures and System vehicles getting scrapped. A sequel project called Drome Racers 2 was in pre-production before getting cancelled due to disagreements regarding budgets and feature creep.

When we were working on drome racers we were invited to the Lego HQ in Slough, where we met with the guys responsible for designing the Technik cars. It was very interesting as they took us through the design process for the cars, some of these guys were actual car designers from the Auto industry, Lego had recruited them! We also worked with their concept guys to produce the look for the environments. As it was based on the Technik range, the game had to look more grown up than LEGO Racers 2. From what I remember, there was the concept of the environment being set in this huge drome, where the tracks were a mixture of natural environments with manmade elements. The manmade elements had this cool metallic look to them
Richard Priest, Lead Artist