Artifacts: Script

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LEGO Island 3 Xtreme Stunts: Script (November 13th, 2001)

A version of the script dated to November 13th, 2001 featuring cut and/or changed content from the final game.

Characters and Actors

A document detailing voice actors and word/phrase counts, including for a few scrapped characters from the game.

LEGO Island 3: Script - Holomaniac

Script for the scrapped Holomaniac feature.

What Characters do on LEGO Island

A document detailing the various activities of characters in the game, including several cut from the game.


A reversion of the script from March 26th, 2002. It features dialog for several missions and characters cut from the game.

Script Spread Sheet (March 11th, 2002)

March 11th, 2002 revision of the script in Microsoft Excel containing early and/or cut dialog, along with several scrapped characters and subquests. Please download the Excel file for the full …

Script Bible - Version 1

An early revision of the script bible featuring several lines for characters and missions that got scrapped from the final game. Please download the Excel file for the full content.

Script Spreadsheet Key

A script key for the game to determine which characters and events are happening.