Artifacts: 2000

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Design Document - Version 0.1

A design document for an early version of LEGO Island 3, which became Island Xtreme Stunts, focused around an early version of Orient Expedition known as “The Silk Road.” It contains …

Trinket Document

Document discussing Trinkets, which were originally collectables for the game when it was centered around the Silk Road.

Collectable Card Game

A document detailing the functionality of a trading card game that was scrapped from the game.

Technical Design - Version 1.0157

A technical design document for the earliest known version of LEGO Island 3 featuring real time terrain deformation, among other technical features.

Sketch Subgame Designs (November 10th, 2000)

Sketch Subgame Designs focused around various locations from the Silk Road theme, an early version of Orient Expedition.

Rich Hancock's Notes

Early notes for a version of LEGO Island 3 inspired by Asheron’s Call and Everquest.

Card Game (Email Exchange)

An email exchange detailing a card game idea that would later be apart of LEGO Island 3 before the use of trading cards was depreciated to only being collectables.

Lego Island III: Ideas

A document that details various ideas for the game when it was focused around “The Silk Road,” an early version of Orient Expedition. Specific details it covers include story, characters, …