Artifacts: Document

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Preliminary Design Document

The Preliminary Design Document discussing the game’s design, story, characters, music, and voice actors. This is the last known design document made for the game. Pages 3-7 are missing.

Functional Design Document

A fifty-seven page design document for LEGO Sea Challenge known as Beneath the LEGO Phanta Sea at the time. It details the technical features of the game at the time and contains art for the Surface …

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary to the game describing an early version of the game’s story.

PPU Dash Schematic

A paper detailing the gameplay of the PPU’s dash with a schematic for visual reference.

Puzzle Problems in Level 3

A paper detailing the obstacles, riddles, and building for the third level of the game.

Some Conclusions

A document detailing the needed pre-rendered screens with several entries curiously being checked off.

Story Diagram

A diagram detailing the gameplay structure for the game. This is most consistent with the September 24th version of the game’s design.

Debricker Notes

A document detailing the gameplay of the Debrickers used by the Brickster and Blockhead in Level 4.