Artifacts: Miscellaneous

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Citation from E3 1996

A fake police officer gave visitors to the “BUILDING THE WORLD’S LARGEST LEGO COMPUTER” event at 1996 citations encouraging them to visit the Mindscape booth inside the Los Angeles …

Bust the Brickster - Advertisement

A 1997 advertisement detailing the game found in LEGO Mania Magazine.

Infomaniac Minifigure

To promote the launch of LEGO® Island, 200,000 collectable Infomaniac minifigures were produced by The LEGO Group, based on designs by Wes Jenkins. This collaboration would mark the first time a …

Infomaniac Minifigure (Prototype)

The prototype of the physical Infomaniac minifigure designed by Wes Jenkins. This was the first minifigure to be designed outside of the LEGO Group.

LEGO Toys Come to Life - Advertisement

An early advertisement for the game featuring early models for the main characters. It also makes a mention of an unreleased port for Macintosh PowerPC.

Save LEGO Island from Going to Pieces - Advertisement

An advertisement to promote the game detailing its features and gameplay.

Post Card

A postcard featuring Pepper detailing the game.

Mindscape - Adventures on LEGO Island Advertisement

An advertisement for the game featuring an early cover mockup.