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Inhouse Design Documentation

The 1996 Inhouse Design Documentation for LEGO® Island containing concept art, character bios, gameplay details, animation documentation, and much more.

Functional Design Document

The functional design document detailing containing art, notes, and diagrams explaining the gameplay and features of the game. Page 3 is missing.

Adventures on LEGO Island - The Backstory

To ensure internal consistency, Wes Jenkins produced a formal document detailing the history of LEGO Island. This document would later be adapted into a comic in the LEGO Island manual, though …

Comic Manual (Preliminary Rough, First Draft)

The first draft of the script for the manual to game featuring several pieces of scrapped and changed content from the final release.

Treatment for Adventures on LEGO Island

A treatment detailing an early version of the game’s backstory with several early names and features in it.

'LEGO Island' UK Qualitative Research 'Final Report'

A document detailing the reactions to children’s reactions to playing LEGO Island and recommended changes.

Music for the Adventure on LEGO Island

A document detailing music needs and guidelines for the game.

Preliminary LEGO Island Packaging Design Thoughts

A document detailing the design and features of the packaging for the game.