Artifacts: Audio

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Cassette Music

LEGO Island’s main composer Lorin Nelson has retrieved and digitized cassette tapes that included a copy of LEGO Island’s soundtrack. Despite not being master tapes, these audio …

Polka Lament - Loser's Waltz (Requiem for Spilt Beer)

A high quality version of the track from the game.

Michael Blakeman Music Collection

High quality music for the Information Center, Observation Deck, Helicopter Section, and Happy Roaming. There are also three unused tracks in the archive.

L.E.G.O. Radio - Cassette

A tape made by Wes Jenkins containing the LEGO® Island’s soundtrack he gave out to fellow developers. Side B contains some interesting content towards the end such as an interjection from Rocky …

Cassette Voice

Various voice lines, including several test lines, for the game.