LEGO® Island


Lorin Nelson, Annie Wallis, Dave Barrows, Kathleen Enright, Henry Salvia, Michael Blakeman, Monica Pasqual, Peter Dunne, Decal, Polkacide, The Torpedoes

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LEGO Island’s main composer Lorin Nelson has retrieved and digitized cassette tapes that included a copy of LEGO Island’s soundtrack. Despite not being master tapes, these audio recordings are higher quality than the compressed versions found in-game.

  • Think I'm Gonna Build Me A BridgeAnnie Wallis
  • Police StationDave Barrows
  • The BricksterDecal
  • Brick By BrickKathleen Enright & Henry Salvia
  • Mama's Piano SnippetsHenry Salvia
  • Baroque In BrickLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Brief Brickster ThemeLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Cave ThemeLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Chase ThemeLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Fanfare ThemeLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Jail ThemeLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Lego Island Theme-01Lorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Legomania-V4Lorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Park ThemeLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Desert OasisLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Desert Theme-01Lorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Desert Theme-02Lorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Desert-BackgroundLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • InterludeLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Unused Theme-01Lorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Unused Theme-02Lorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Unused Theme-03Lorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Unused-Game-Show-ThemeLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Unused-Main-Theme-Slow-LoopLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Unused-Park-Theme-BedLorin Swelk Orchestra
  • Happy RoamingMichael Blakeman
  • Information CenterMichael Blakeman
  • Mama Papa BrickoliniMonica Pasqual
  • Chasing The BricksterPeter Dunne
  • The RacePeter Dunne
  • In The Box PolkaPolkacide
  • Unknown Title - Loser's PolkaPolkacide
  • Manta RayThe Torpedoes


Dave Barrows

Kathleen Enright & Henry Salvia

Lorin Swelk Orchestra

Michael Blakeman

Monica Pasqual

The Torpedoes

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