After a fine evening at the theme-hotel and bar, we were rounded up the next day to visit the LEGO museum and gallery. We were all quite impressed, albeit blown-out by the art. I mean, it was really cool. Now, on the side of the gallery was a little house; a charming little house. We were asked to sit down and we’re told what the lil’ house was about. “This is called The Childhood Experience.  We want you to enter the house one at a time for a half hour or as long as you need. First thing you need to do is put the white jump suit on and the white shoes. They slip over your shoes. What are they called? Oh, booties.”  We sat on the benches and tried to figure out what strange Masonic ritual awaits us. We went by alphabetic order. I’m always in the middle when that happens which is good because I get to see the reaction of those who precede me. In school, I could always count ahead and practice the question I’d be asked. Watching everyone that came back was intriguing to us waiting on the benches. As the ones before us exited, they seemed happy, really happy, with big smiles.  They couldn’t or perhaps was asked not to discuss what they just went through. Those of us remaining could only assume they were given some kind of drug.
Wes Jenkins