The development of LEGO® My World (also known as LEGO® My Style) started in 1999 at Stormfront Studios, with the idea of LEGO® Learning Range titles going back to 1998 at LEGO® Media International. Two titles were developed for Pre-K and Kindergarten, and another title, "LEGO® My Style: Parade," was attempted by Brainchild Studios but didn't release. Stormfront's two titles released in 2000, and a Playstation port of the Pre-K title was developed and released in Japan by Bandai in 2001.

Probably my favorite part of the project was watching while little kids focus tested the games, sometimes with their preschool teachers or parents. The kids took to these games and activities with gusto, learning and enjoying every aspect. The adults got drawn in and played with them. I remember one little girl had never used a computer before, she hadn’t touched a keyboard or mouse. She was so shy about it I told her a little story about the LEGO elephant and if she tried our game that would make the elephant so happy. She tentatively grabbed the mouse and within a few minutes realized it was moving things on the screen and she could click and activate things, a few more minutes she was playing games. When she was done, in the most darling voice ever, she asked me if she could keep the LEGO elephant… of course I said and she wiggled away with a VERY big smile and melted all our hearts.

Randy Angle, Lead Programmer and Designer