Artifacts: Video

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LEGO® Island Intro + LEGO® Kids

Footage of LEGO® Island shown at E3 1996 featuring an early introduction and live action behind the scenes segment focusing on child testers.

E3 1997 Commercial & Demo

An advertisement, gameplay footage, and early FMV for LEGO® Island shown at E3 1997. This was originally on a VCR, before being transferred to DVD.

Behind the Scenes of Adventures on LEGO® Island

A behind the scenes video made during the development of LEGO® Island at Mindscape’s offices featuring the developers detailing their work.

LEGO® Goes From Bricks to Bytes

Video news release (VNR) created by Mindscape to correspond with the 1997 New York Toy Fair.

Adventures on LEGO® Island

Footage from E3 1996 featuring an early version of the game’s introduction.