The History of the Legobobs

“All’s quiet on the eastern side of the Island… Well, if you overlook the flying Legondos and the Legobobs in the park…” -Laura Brick

The Legobobs were intended to be an accapella group found in the park in LEGO® Island and were to be played by the the Bobs. It is unknown why the Bobs were ultimately uninvolved with the game, however their LEGO® equivilants were extensively mentioned in development material including the script, design documentation, and an early version of the game's backstory.

Additionally, the aforementioned LEGO versions have made it into the game. After publishing my article about Brian Shrimp's appearance in LEGO Island, I was asked about some of the other unnamed characters present in the game. This inquiry prompted me to conduct further investigation, which ultimately led to my discovery of how characters were internally indexed in LEGO1.dll.

Part of the game's internal character index.

Unsurprisingly, the index used the same two-character identifier. When I switched B1 through B4 with other characters, was able to tie their appearances to several characters that can be (rarely) found wandering LEGO® Island. Considering their identifier is in the same style as the similar characters of the Legandos (L1 through L6) and the group consisting of three males and a female (as the script mentioned), it's safe to state these characters are Legobobs.

Additionally, I have discovered identifiers for two other characters: "CM," the woman with flowers on her head, and "PT," the woman with Nubby and Bill Ding's torso. It is likely that "CM" is a shortened version of Brazilian Carmen's name; however, the origin of "PT" remains a mystery. It is plausible that it came from a later script that we do not have access to, as the script for Captain Click (for example) and some other portions of the game are missing from the script version that Bricks to Bytes has archived.

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